Marvin lowe is a photographer who has had much experience in shooting weddings, events and commercial projects. His early foray into photography is translated into his eye for detail and his knack for capturing the perfect moment.

Marvin now has invaluable experience in both pre-wedding and actual day wedding coverage. he can be counted on to be unintrusive and professional, and at the same time he also possesses the innate and uncanny ability of being at the right place and the right time to capture life's precious moments. his strength lies in his eye for detail - a tender moment between the couple, an impish smile from a young guest, the intricately-cut wedding rings, the detail on the teacups - each of these are fleeting yet beautiful and memorable, deserving to be captured in print.

Events and sports coverage is both intense and demanding on the photographer, but marvin relishes the adrenaline rush that it brings. in sports, his compositions of athletes in action often have an understated, quiet-yet-bold quality.

Marvin has a long and existing working relationship with singapore sports website redsport.sg, and Halogen Foundation. Marvin also does individual portraiture upon request. he enjoys the challenge of shooting subjects in their natural environment, and loves using natural light whenever possible.